In almost every capital city in Australia, like Brisbane, there are a few inner-city suburbs full of what they call ‘workers’ cottages’. These are small little dwellings usually squashed together. Have you ever wondered why they are called ‘workers’ cottages? Well it is because when they were built, ‘workers’ lived in them! (No offence intended to all the hard working doctors, lawyers and business executives now living there).

You see, once upon a time these areas were where the low-income battlers used to live. But after many years of population growth, the inner-city suburbs became high demand residential locations. This pushed the low income workers into outter suburbs that have affordable rent.

Now, high-income earners are competing to rent properties in these inner-city suburbs. So the ‘workers’ cottages’ have actually gone from being cheap housing to high demand locations. This has caused them to be worth such incredible prices today.

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