Not long ago, you could buy properties in a Capital City in Australia for just a few thousand dollars. Then when the prices quadrupled in the 70s, then tripled in the 80s, and then doubled over the next two decades, anyone who owned one or two Capital City properties had an instant retirement fund in their own home.

While property prices are still steadily increasing, another boom like that over such a short amount of time isn’t likely to happen. Your parents and grandparents may have been able to retire off their own home that they painstakingly paid off over 30 years, but that strategy won’t work for you, and you can forget about a comfortable retirement if you live off the pension and any Super you have. Do you understand now why investing is now a necessity and not just an option?


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It’s not the end of the world, though! You won’t be able to do it the same way as your parents, but you can build up your knowledge to do it even better. First of all, you need to address your mindset:
a) You won’t be able to retire the same way as your parents, so you’ll need to do something different
b) Forget about paying off your mortgage
c) Don’t be afraid of getting into debt – IF it’s good debt (good debt is debt for an appreciating asset, like property)
d) Money isn’t evil – it allows you to do lots of awesome things (spend more time with family, retire early, travel the world, contribute to charity, leave a legacy… and almost anything if you have enough of it!)
e) Get a long-term goal and strategy for building your wealth and stick to it
If you currently own your home and have been paying it off, it’s time to get your money actually working for you instead of just sitting there. When you reinvest your home’s equity and own multiple properties, when the market moves, you will make much more money!


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Do you feel inspired to get out there and invest? Make the changes you need to in your life, your mindset, and your strategy – and do it today! Use this momentum and don’t let anyone get in your way. Your family may not understand, because their own home was enough to retire on, but you know that times have changed. Your accountant may not understand the importance of good debt vs bad debt (yes, there are some accountants out there who don’t!), and your workmates may be experts in their job, but not at investing! Make sure you get the advice of a trusted property investment expert, and only listen to the advice of someone if you would be happy with achieving the same success as them.
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