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0:37 Retirement Statistics
1:41 Why you should invest
2:11 Current situation of most people

Hi, Daimien from Integrity here.
Today we’re going to talk about something that we don’t really want to admit. But the truth is, we all must be investing.

And for a lot of us, we don’t like to hear that because investing means risk, and that’s a problem. But what I know about risk management is that the more educated you are about the subject, the less risk you have to take when dealing with that subject.

Now, recently the Australian Bureau of Statistics put out a report and it said that if we were to take 100 15 year-olds now and see where they would be at by age 65, i.e. 50 years’ time, they said that:

27 will be dead
49 will be dead broke
16 will be on a weekly income $390/week
7 will be on a weekly income of $520/week
And only 1 of them will have an average income of above $800/week

So only one in a hundred of you watching now are going to be on that sort of money. Why is that so? The reason is this: that most people don’t have anywhere near enough in their superannuation. And the pension ain’t what it used to be. In fact, by the time that most of you watching this video are retired, the pension will be negligible if not non-existent.

So we must invest – we have no choice. If you’ve been sitting in your hands and not investing thinking that it can wait, stop doing that! It’s only yourself who is going to run out of money.

Now quite simply, if you don’t want to live on the breadline, and you don’t want to have your children funding your retirement and having to feed you, then you must this take this very, very seriously. I hate to be all doom and gloom about it but I’m doing you a favour if you’ll listen to what I’m trying to tell you.

Most people right now have not got a financial education, and they are going about things all the wrong way. For example, many of you have probably been furiously trying to pay your house off. Now that may sound like a good idea, but you may be better actually trying to use your house and leverage yourself into other investments. And if you want to know why, then go back to my blog video that I did about the difference between shares and property and look there where we talk about leverage and the difference that that makes.

You must be investing. If you are not investing start now. If you are worried about the risk then get yourself a plan and get yourself an education. Then those risks will be far less of a concern.

Until next time, that’s all from me.

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Thanks very much and I’ll see you next time.

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