millionaireOK so you’re probably a baby boomer or not far behind them. Now let me guess… you’re looking down the barrel of retirement. You thought once that you would retire on the pension, but you now know that that’s not going to be anywhere near enough. You started saving a few years ago in to Super because the government forced you to, but you now also know that wont be enough either. You’re worried now that you won’t ever be able to retire fully and may have to keep working in some capacity for years to come. This frustrates you to no end. You’re annoyed that you can’t go travelling with your friends because you can’t afford it. You’re annoyed that you can’t help the kids out financially here and there, and in fact are starting to wonder if they will have to help YOU out one day. It brings a tear to your eye sometimes that you cannot afford to visit the grandkids as much anymore. And you’re worried sick about hurting yourself both physically or emotionally at work because your body and tolerance for stress just aren’t what they used to be. Does that sound like you?

Have you been stitched up before?

Did you some years ago, go and see a financial advisor who stitched you up with a share portfolio, that then went belly up in the Global Financial Crisis, forcing you to lose a great portion of your life savings? Do you now realise that Financial Advisors aren’t really ‘financial‘ advisors; and that they are just people trying to sell you shares and insurance because they get a commission for it? Did you also notice that, while you were losing all that money on the share market, the value of your house held firm, and in fact, probably went up a bit? Are you sick to death of having to tread through the financial minefield and getting sucked into high-risk investment schemes?

What if there was someone you could go to who had Integrity?

What if there was someone you could go to who would act solely in your interests? Someone who could show you low-risk strategy that is historically proven to work time and time again. Someone with Integrity.

Well now there is. Daimien Patterson and his company Integrity Property Investor Services. Daimien is a former military man who values his integrity. He became a very successful property investor whilst still in the Army after serving in East Timor and Iraq. Now he and his company Integrity Property Investor Services are Australia’s leading property investment educators, coaches and strategists.

How will Daimien and Integrity help you?

The best thing is they are fiercely independent and act 100% in your interests, and your interests alone. They don’t sell investment properties or finance, but they will help you find both, whilst all the time making sure that YOU are being looked after. They make it easy for you and will make sure you stay out of trouble by following a strict criteria in your selection of finance and property options. They will also share with you the key secret to property investment in Australia that once discovered by Daimien, made him and his wife $260,000 in a single year whilst he was still employed full-time in the Army.

Daimien is the Author of the book Safe As Houses! and regularly speaks at the Property Investment Boot Camp series of events and other engagements around Australia.

Integrity’s clients have achieved fantastic results. Examples include helping clients to make $100,000 off a single property in only six months just by helping the them to know where to buy and when. Integrity has also helped clients acquire brand new properties that rent for an amazing $830 per week, for only $389,000. It all depend on you and what your situation is.

If you think you could benefit from Daimien’s professional advice and support, why not give him a call or book your appointment today on 1300 372 677. Or, email

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