A lot of people don’t invest in property and the reason for that is what we call limiting beliefs and obstacles.

It’s important that we understand what these limiting beliefs and obstacles are so we can identify them in ourselves and when we start thinking this way we can tell ourselves to snap out of it.

One of these limiting beliefs and obstacles is the mindset “I don’t have the cash”. A lot of people think you have to pay a deposit of cash for every property. Of course you’ll have to pay a cash deposit the first property you buy, there’s no way of avoiding it. But once you get that first property and, if you bought it in the right spot, that property is going to go up in value. When this happens, you can start using the banks’ money to access equity and to use for the deposit and costs of your next property. Then, you simply repeat these steps and go onwards and upwards to property investment success.

Sadly, I have had a client who has three investment properties and they paid cash deposits for all three of them. They didn’t realise that they could have just refinanced their existing properties and used the banks money to get from one property to the next.

So, there’s the first thing we need to realise; it’s not all about cash. Some people even think that you have to be born into money and that’s not necessarily the case. It would make it easier if mum or dad give you a heap of money, but you can certainly do a rags to riches story in Australia. If you know what you need to do and you get that first deposit together. Then the rest is easy.

If you’d like to learn about the other limiting beliefs and obstacles, head on over to our Property Education Section and watch the Webinar titled “Property Investing 101: Property Investment Basics for New Investors”. You’ll be amazed with what you learn!


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