There is always somewhere in Australia that is booming at some time. So, DON’T buy the house around the corner just because ‘it is close by’ and you want to ‘keep an eye on it’. That’s an emotional decision, not an investment decision! Besides that’s why you hire a rental manager to manage it for you. It’s their job to ‘keep an eye on it’.

For all the years that I have studied real estate investing I have gone around and round looking for that one key secret to success. And now sometimes I feel like such an idiot for wasting my early investment years on buying in the wrong spots.

So a word of advice, don’t buy ‘close by’, buy where it is booming! I know where it is booming and I’d love to give you the HOT SPOTS! So why not make an appointment with me today, you have no obligation, no pressure and no hassles! Give my team a call today on 1300 372 677 and book your appointment. I have limited availabilities so don’t hold off too long.

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