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Recorded Webinars

Property Investing 101: Property Education Basics For New Investors

In Daimien’s very first Webinar, he explains the basics of Real Estate and Property Investment in Australia. So if you are new to property investment or if are you already investing and would like a refresher of the terms and how they are used, then please watch this webinar. From this webinar, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • What ‘Capital Growth’ IsCouple Using Laptop with Cabin on Screen
  • The Difference Between ‘Negative’ And ‘Postive’ Cashflow
  • The Difference Between ‘Negative’ And ‘Positive’ Gearing
  • What Depreciation Is & How It Can Make You Money
  • The FOUR Factors That Drive Property Price Growth
  • Plus Much More…

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How To Build A Massive Property Portfolio Quickly And Safely and Retire Early

Although Daimien is based in Brisbane, his Webinars allow him to interact and help people from all parts of Australia. Daimien is committed to helping people to become professional and successful property investors. Daimien does this by providing Real Estate and Property Education to those interested in his services.

In this particular Webinar, Daimien teaches you How To Build A Massive Property Portfolio, Quickly And Safely So You Can Retire Early.

Daimien shares his knowledge and experience on the following topics:house

  • How to structure correctly for rapid growth of your portfolio
  • How to pick where to buy
  • How to pick what to buy
  • How to risk manage all the potential things that could go wrong so that you are bulletproof along the way!

Plus Much More…

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Wealth Through Property

You don’t know what you don’t know about property investment. The difference between the rich and the poor is not money it’s knowledge of how to make money. And the difference between successful property investors (the top 10%) and everyone else, is again knowledge. That’s what Daimien’s webinars are all about: sharing knowledge.

In this particular webinar Daimien teaches you:

  • How you can avoid paying tax using a simple and legal property investment system. 3D render of a Graph Depicting Risiing Property Prices
  • The fatal mistakes investors make that cause them to fail and how you can easily avoid them
  • An insider’s look at the Property Industry’s dirty tricks that they use to rip you off, and the rules to follow to protect yourself from them.
  • Facts and figures about Australia’s historical house prices., what factors have driven them and where these factors are going to appear again in the future in terms of locations and timelines
  • His quick and easy, yet sound system for identifying areas that are booming now and will continue to do so, so you can make money there.
  • His system for finding properties that pay for themselves, but are not in high risk areas.
Plus much more…

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