Looking for a Real Estate Coach?

Integrity Property Investor Services is a world class property investment mentoring and real estate coaching services. Based in Brisbane, Integrity Property Investor Services is a break-through in real estate coaching and property education. At Integrity, we provide ongoing mentoring, real estate coaching, and professional support. Our leading real estate coach, strategist and property investment mentor, Daimien Patterson, is a successful real estate and property investor and is known as Australia’s leading Real Estate Coach & Strategist. From Daimien, you’ll learn practical, street smart real estate and property investment wisdom. Daimien’s coaching will help you build an amazingly profitable property portfolio.

integrity-property-investor-servicesThere is no other Real Estate Coaching or Property Investment Mentoring service to our knowledge in the world like Integrity Property Investor Services. Most real estate coaching and property investment agencies are just real estate agents trying to sell you one of their properties. When you scratch the surface you find that their loyalties actually lie with their sellers. We DON’T SELL PROPERTY. We are 100% independent and have only one party that we are loyal to – YOU!

Integrity Property Investor Services educates you in what truly works to build an income generating property portfolio. Daimien Patterson, is an accomplished real estate coach. As a property investor himself, Daimien has been taught by the best minds in property investment. He is an amazing teacher and real estate coach who will personally educate you on how to build a successful property portfolio in the real world.

Integrity Property Investor Services, is a world class real estate coaching and property investment mentoring company that is founded on integrity. We believe in educating our clients for their benefit. We believe that once you know what you’re capable of achieving, and how to achieve it safely, you’ll have plenty of motivation to take the action required.

This is a rare opportunity to learn how to build a property portfolio safely from the expertise of a successful investor real estate coach.

As our client, and as part of our real estate coaching service you will enjoy:

  • Regular meetings with your real estate coach, guiding you and profiling exactly how to build the ultimate property investment portfolio.
  • Powerful, practical and actionable ideas from your real estate coach that you can immediately use to build a bigger and stronger property portfolio.
  • 24/7 access to your real estate coach for answers to your most important questions regarding real estate and property investment in Australia.
  • Access to other professionals, such as Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors and more, who are experts in their fields and specialize in supporting property investors.
  • Access to exclusive Integrity Property Investor Services client events. These are held online, so you can attend from where ever you may be based. At these events you will attain valuable and recent information on the property market. You will also be able to ask our real estate coach specific questions to gain insight into an area of your interest.