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00:20 Will money make you happy?
01:15 Money will make you happy

Good day everyone, Damien here again. And this week’s next video in the “What You Were Taught Wrong about Money “series. And today, I’m going to deal with the expression: “Money Won’t Make You Happy”.

Will money make you happy?

Will money make you happy, yes or no? Well, I tell you one thing I do know, I think you will agree, “Lack of money will make you miserable”. A Lack of money, ie, you’ve got less money than you need, is going to put you in a situation where you have to compromise.

You might have been in a situation where you couldn’t afford to buy the kids’ school clothes or send them on an excursion, or go on that holiday with your friends, or pay that bill. That creates stress in your life. And stress is the enemy of happiness. So, if a lack of money will make you miserable then, clearly having money will make you happy.

It’s not the bill in your door. There’s a whole range of factors that go into being happy, your personal attitude and outlook on life, your values, etc. But you definitely need money in order to be happy. Don’t lie to yourself. There are all these things, I call them poor sayings that poor people and other poor people say that they don’t feel bad about being poor.

Money will make you happy

But if you think that money won’t make you happy, listen, stop saying it. Because what you’re doing is giving yourself an excuse for not getting ahead with your finances. Money will make you happy in concept with good values and a positive attitude. But you need money to be happy. Stop lying to yourself.

If you think this video was worthwhile, and you wanted something out or you wanted to debate me, hit the comment section. Let’s go for it. I’m ready. And make sure you share it with your friends. Let’s get this knowledge out there. That’s if for me today. I’ll see you next week. Cheers!

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