safe-as-houses-bookWe understand! You’re smart. You have a good home and great kids but are unsure if you have enough Superannuation or investments to support you in the future. Or, you’re making good money. But your life is consumed by your career and your desire to make the most out of every social event you can get to.

You’re starting to realise you need to start taking your investments seriously or you’re going to struggle a little in retirement. The kids are still costing you money and that doesn’t look like letting up. Or, you are a bit unsure about it. Not because you lack the intelligence. You’re well and truly smart enough to handle it, if only you had the time to study it as much as you would want to be satisfied you were making the right decisions. But, you’re ready for a long term solution and want to get into property. Does that sound like you?

Do you ever wish there was someone you could trust, who could do it all for you?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll be happy to know there is someone who can work it all out for you?

It’s your hard earned money and making the big decisions will always be up to you – but there is someone who can do all the research for you. There’s someone who can review your situation and come back with a perfect proposal for you, including your options and a recommended way ahead. They will also deliver that plan to you in plain language without wasting your time.

That part of your life would be taken care of and you can go back to focussing on your family and enjoying yourself. If you have any questions about it, you would just pick up the phone – get the answer within two minutes – and then get back to what you were doing.

That someone does exist!

There is such a person and there is such a company. What you need is a Property Investment Strategist and a company like Integrity Property Investor Services.

Daimien Patterson is Australia’s leading Property Investment Strategist and he and his company specialise in helping time-poor professionals like you invest in property. They act only in your interests. They don’t sell investment properties or finance, but they will do all the leg work for you, and make sure that YOU are being looked after. They make it easy for you and will achieve the very best results by using strict criteria in the selection of your options. The decisions are all yours, but the work load is all theirs.

Daimien is a former army officer with an MBA and extensive experience in property investment. He himself became a very successful property investor whilst still pursuing a full-time career as an officer in the Army, building his own multi-million dollar property portfolio. Now he and his company Integrity Property Investor Services are Australia’s leading property investment strategists, educators and coaches. Daimien is also the Author of the book Safe As Houses! How To Go From Zero To Hero and Gain Your Financial Freedom by Investing In Real Estate and regularly speaks at the Property Investment Boot Camp and other engagements around Australia.

How will Daimien and Integrity help you?

The best thing about Integrity is that they are fiercely independent and act 100% in your interests, and your interests alone. They will also share with you the key secret to property investment that once discovered by Daimien, made him and his wife $300,000 in a single year whilst he was still employed full-time in the Army.

Integrity has helped clients to make $100,000 in only six months just by recommending to the clients where, what and when to invest. They have also helped clients acquire brand new properties that rent for an amazing $830 per week, for only $389,000. Putting $100-200 a week back in their pockets after ALL the bills were paid!

So if you want to get started on your property portfolio and you like the sound of what Daimien Patterson and Integrity Property Investor Services have got to offer, then call 1300 372 677 or email and make your first appointment today. It doesn’t matter where you are in the country. Integrity is based in Brisbane, but Daimien regularly travels to every capital city throughout the country so you can book an appointment for next time he is in your neck of the woods. Or you can have your consultations via Skype, so you don’t even have to leave the house.

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