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00: 18 The Importance of Confidence and how that leads into Competence
01: 00 Get the right training

G’day, my name is Nic Griffith. Now if you’re after any Property Investment Advice, Property Investment Mentors, or Property Investment strategies, you’ve come to the right place.

The Importance of Confidence and how that leads into Competence

What I want to do today is spend a couple of minutes talking about the importance of competence and how that then equals and leads into confidence.

This applies to everything we do in life, not just property investment. I’ll use an analogy as an example; if you see a burning building, any of us normal people on the road, would see that burning building, would see the people up in the building, and would probably hesitate to run up there and save that person. Because why? We are not trained, we don’t have the right equipment, and we don’t know what we’re doing. We’d like to think we would run in there, because that’s what our natural human instincts would suggest. However, a Fireman, he runs up there, he goes straight up in there, he saves the people, would even save the cat. Why does he do that? Because he is trained, he has the right equipment and he knows what he’s doing and has the right team behind him.

Get the right training

That same philosophy applies to property investment. If you have the right training, the right team, and the right mindset, that then leads to the confidence to make the decisions you need to make to move forward, build your portfolio, and achieve your property goals.

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