You no longer have to make the Rookie Mistakes most ADF Property Investors have been making

Wednesday, 22 September 2016

Presenter: Nic Griffith

7.30pm Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, ACT & Tas
7:00pm Adelaide & Darwin 5.30pm Perth​

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Know the mistakes to avoid and the strategies that work. Limited places available!

Great news! We are running webinars for ADF and ex-ADF people every month. 'How To Use Your ADF Housing Entitlements To Invest In Property'.

Make sure you register if you haven't already and please forward the link to this page on if you know anyone who would be interested and would benefit from the information.

Question time will be known as 'stump the veteran'.... that is, who can stump the property investment coach with property investment questions?

In this business, we are mostly ADF veterans and we love helping out our ADF clients. No-one else is providing this service to you. Go ahead and register now.

You'll Learn:

  • Investor psychology
  • ​Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Introduction to the little known strategies
  • ADF housing entitlements and how to utilise those to procure properties
  • ​BONUS Q & A Session with our property experts!

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About Our Presenters

Property Investor Coach, Nic Griffith

Nic Griffith is a decorated ex-Army Major with over 20 years service, during which time he developed a passion and art for successful property investing and implementation of wealth creation strategies. After amassing a substantial portfolio since purchasing his first property in 2002, he now reflects on the early days, the mistakes, the wins and school of hard knocks that he experienced when it was all new to him. These days, Nic spends his time educating, coaching and mentoring both new and experienced investors on how to avoid those common costly mistakes and how to successfully fast track financial success. He is proud to have helped thousands of Australians get their education in property and implement their own wealth creation strategies, through live training both online and throughout Australia.

Daimien Patterson

Robbie Turner is the Senior Property Consultant and General Manager of Integrity Property. He is an ex-Army Major who served for almost 24 years in the ADF. Since 2004 Robbie was doing property investing as a hobby. In 2013 Robbie left the ADF and started his employment with Integrity Property Investor Services. His passion in the ADF was providing assistance to those in need. This was evidenced by 5 operational tours to warzones. This passion to help people is a perfect fit for Robbie - now he helps people create wealth by using smart and measured property investing strategies.

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Registration is quick and easy.

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