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00:21 Seeking Education and Advice
00:49 Understanding The Market
01:10 The Importance of a Property Manager

G’day, my name is Nic Griffith. Now if you’re looking for a Property Investment Mentor, Property Investment Strategies, or Property Investment advice, you’ve come to the right place. Today I just want to talk about 3 quick tips that I think are important with any investment property purchase or acquisition.

The first one is seeking education and advice. The second one is understanding the market and the third one is the importance of a property Manager.

Seeking Education and Advice

I can’t harp hard enough about the importance of seeking education and advice. There is a chance that whatever anyone has done in life, someone has done it before you. They have done all the right things and made all the common mistakes. Why make all the same mistakes as them. Go and find a mentor, see what they’ve done, do exactly what they’ve done and use their recipe for success, to put it simply.

Understanding the Market

There are 4 factors that we use to understand the market. Land supply, increasing wages, population growth, skilled labour and where there is a shortage of it. Understanding those four factors will set you up for success, and identify where the next growth area is going to be, and similarly, where the next down-turn is going to be.

The importance of a property Manager

Never skimp on a Property Manager. Pay them what they want, when they want, and let them do their job. Essentially, a Property Manager is running your business for you, because that’s what your investment property is, and they are providing a service. You pay top dollar for that service, and you will get top results for your money. Never skimp on your Property Manager!

That’s all for today’s quick tips, however, if you’d like more information, our website is for further information for what we can provide as far as education and training goes, and what our services are, thank you.

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